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Feb 21, 2013 11:00pm EST
and you could do a google search and you will find tons of stuff on one page. >> host: you didn't say anything about the quality of the meal. good steak at these? >> guest: this is hysterical. if you need advice right now is to get to the food after the presentation so people are listening overclocking forks and then parse that they are not distracted. my experience was that left a lot of hungry people. so i was sitting there waiting and waiting and waiting and they kept saying the kitchen is delayed. the kitchen is delayed. and if cnn was fine. i wouldn't describe it as four-star. in fact, the civil. what kind of restaurant you should go to. it should be a good restaurant. it's not low-end. nobody is taking you to chipotle. .. >> commission is again, a percentage of the sale. the problem with the model model, people again different commissions, incentives are different, often the best financial products like mutual funds do not come with high commission actually rarely if ever, as a result what is sold to people is not necessarily a great deal. but they don't know that because it
Feb 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
know content companies work. most of them has agreements with google already said that it is to business relationships single day and a lot of communication, moving it to content themselves, which will probably raise the profile of content to try and market it. i presume you want to get compensated for creations as well. a lot is occurring within us in the right direction in ways. and certainly reaching out and will be to figure out if there's ideas people can bring on how we see that space be filled by those who want to see content and technology. of course technology is changing at warp speed. i mention of incredible things occurring in the content space technologically. anything but old media if you see how it's produced and what is occurring today, it phenomenal in the content space. it's ludicrous to talk about this old media. the extent we can do about law benefit and will require constant or. there's not some point it's all over with. it requires a cooperative relationship that will produce the best results in my view of many people want to understand and step up and make
Feb 22, 2013 11:00pm EST
googling the internet in a desperate hope that i can find something that has been a storytelling at that i can present to make it to the three or four days to communicate the civil rights movement. their arguments with people and none, deliberately trying to make this history and accessible. have i lost my might? i didn't do anything. the gilder institute may not be popular here, but it's a very good institution. these teachers in idaho said what you don't realize is we are on the low end of the totem pole if you're a history teacher. they are now evaluated by test scores for english and math, not history. if you're a good history teacher , suggesting he might do about teaching bush. because the school is not evaluated on history. without a sense of american history, it's impossible to teach citizenship, which has also been wiped out. so they said, our schools are not told to treat history. it is the essence of citizenship, we are not responsible for their own government and apparently are under public. we're at the low end of the budget scale at the public high school in idaho because mos
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3